About Us

In 2012 we changed our name from Supply Service to Skansi Offshore. We are still the same company. However, over the last few years, the substantial growth in our activity, services, and fleet has rendered the former name somewhat too limiting.

Our new name clearly delineates our point of departure. The name comes from the Faroese word 'skansi'. 'Skansi' means fortress; it is both a stronghold, a safe haven and an observation point from which you 'scan the sea', traditionally featuring a lighthouse, thereby uniting the navigational help for vessels at sea and a safe haven to turn to. Also, there is a distinctly naval denotation. The 'skansi' of a ship is its aft deck or quarterdeck, traditionally featuring the navigational highpoint and steering of the ship.

This broad lineage of the word amply reflects both our local vantage point and the broader, more international outlook for our activities and services.

The only surviving skansi - or fortress - in the Faroe Islands is situated in Tórshavn, the centre of the islands. Our headquarters, fittingly located at Skansavegur 7, are overlooking the unique features of this 'skansi'. To us, this marks both a continuation of the long history of our company and a new beginning.

Our growing fleet now counts five state-of-the-art offshore- and supply vessels: Eldborg, Saeborg, Sjoborg, Torsborg and Kongsborg. On-board and at home at our headquarters, we are on our watch, on duty; in Faroese, this fittingly translates, 'vit standa á okkara skansa'. As Skansi Offshore, we hope to continue to be the preferred shipping company both among employees and business partners.

We strive to develop our relationships and services, always founded on our mission, which is to provide reliable and safe supply services for international offshore oil and gas production. Based in the Faroe Islands, we are proud of being able to ensure a consistent workforce of experienced, highly qualified and flexible seaman.