Health, Safety, Environmental & Quality Policy

The main policy for Skansi Offshore regarding to Health, Safety, Environmental & Quality (HSEQ) is:

  • Our goal is zero harm to personnel and assets.
  • The environmental impact from our activities shall always be well identified and evaluated, in order to achieve a minimum impact on the environment.
  • To satisfy demands from customers and authorities.
  • To meet extraordinary demands from our customers.
  • To continuously develop internal systems that guarantee that Skansi Offshore can document that the goals that we have set ourselves are fulfilled.

HSEQ Objectives

All employees shall take the necessary precautions at all times to protect themselves, their colleagues, the environment, the ship and cargo.

Masters, crew and staff shall always be instructed of any deviations, find solutions and carry out improvements.

The company will always operate according to best practice and organise its work based on the internationally recognized HSEQ system for ships: International Safety Management (ISM-Code), ISPS, OHSAS 18001 and ISO 9001/14001 Standards.

The HSEQ Policy of the company will be implemented by:

  • All employees participating in a constant improvement of the company’s services.
  • All employees being familiar with their responsibilities, and carrying out their duties with understanding, enthusiasm and safety.
  • All employees collecting experiences together for placing in clear procedures.
  • All employees being kept informed of all known hazards that may affect themselves, their colleagues, the environment or the ship.
  • The company will ensure that all employees receive proper and appropriate training and possibilities for the continuedimprovement of competency.
  • The company shall ensure that there is an effective system for experience transfer.
  • The company working strictly according to the quality system which identifies problems, defines solutions, implements improvements and carries out assessments.
  • The company holding regular meetings to evaluate and improve all work procedures.
  • The company regularly maintaining ships and equipment.
  • The company carrying out regular audits on all activities to ensure that the HSEQ system is adhered to and developed in all areas.

Our operations shall include a good level of reporting of incidents and undesirable conditions. This shall create a firm basis for further development of safety and environmental structure.

Management responsibilities

  • Paying close attention to the development and application of the HSEQ system.
  • Ensure that necessary resources are made available to HSEQ system.
  • Be proactive in the development of our systems.

All employees shall

  • Contribute to a safe, healthy and environmental friendly workplace, by following the HSEQ procedures and routines in the company.
  • Be an active part in the continuous development and improvement of procedures and routines.

Jens Meinhard Rasmussen
Managing Director