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At Skansi Offshore, it is our strong emphasis on human values that make us who we are. Built on helpfulness, skill, and pride in our heritage, we strive to make our team feel at home – whether on land or at sea. But being ‘in good company’ also means working for a good company. A company that our clients can trust in – in the long run.

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Our people are our most valued asset – also if you ask our clients. We are recognized as helpful and service minded – and we truly believe that this is why we are a preferred partner.

But how is this? And what is the foundation of our company?

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The PSV’s are the foundation of our operation and meet the highest standards. The vessels are all modern and carry state-of-the-art equipment. It is an important topic for Skansi to always operate the best vessels available in order to meet the demands of our clients. 

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When choosing an off-shore supplier a number of standards and certificates are mandatory to be in the game. At Skansi Offshore we meet all the necessary standards – and then some.

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